De-carbonise the atmosphere

Re-carbonise the biosphere

We are an early-stage start-up focused on addressing climate change at scale, using a technology enabled nature based solution.

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Impact at climate-relevant scale

1 GtCO2e carbon dioxide removal

CO2CO exists to address climate change at scale for the benefit of our children. We aim to offer 1 GtCO2e atmospheric carbon dioxide removal at commercial returns.

What we do

Combining the benefits of what

nature does best with

technology tried and tested

Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere using microalgae and the carbon sequestered as biochar.The core of our process is growing microalgae at scale, carbonising the biomass and then sequestering the carbon for millennia. We combine the benefits of what nature does best with tried and tested technologies.


Fast | Efficient | Scalable
First, we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using microalgae.Algae already fix more CO2 from the atmosphere than all the plants on the land. Mother nature has created a process that is fast, efficient and very scalable.


Durable | Uniform | Valuable
Then we process the carbon into biochar.Processing biomass to char is a proven technology.Biochar offers durable sequestration that is simple to measure, report and verify.


Fertiliser | Pesticide | Irrigation
We sequester the carbon into the biosphere for long-term storage.Our go-to-market plan is currently based on delivering the char to the agronomy industry.The agriculture sector currently presents the lowest regulatory hurdles and delivers multiple co-benefits to local stakeholders.


Adding biochar to soil reduces;
  1. the need for artificial fertilisers,
  2. pesticides and
  3. irrigation waters.

Why we do it

Humanity caused climate change, humanity can solve climate change.

Climate change

A large existential problem
Atmospheric CO2 levels are higher than at any point in the past 800,000 years as a result of human activity. This is causing climate change. Left unabated, profound effects will include the loss of plant and animal life, impact on food production, increased health risks, poverty and the displacement of communities.


No one solution addresses the problem
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has prepared a series of pathways on how to mitigate against climate change. In combination with energy efficiency policies and adoption of renewable technologies, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) processes are seen to be a critical component.

Our solution

Commercial | scalable | flexible
We have developed a unique process to commercially grow microalgae at scale and convert the biomass into char. Biochar has uses in agriculture, afforestation projects or as a construction aggregate. We remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock it away for millennia.

Who we are

Based on science, built by business, designed for investment.

We bring together experience from academia and industry, covering expertise in organic chemistry, chemical engineering, energy, infrastructure and finance.The team’s diverse thinking, background and experiences is complemented by our passion to make a material contribution towards addressing the climate crisis.

Non-Executive Chairman

Tony guides the business as Non-Exec Chair and brings broad expertise from leading roles in international energy. As a serial entrepreneur he is now leading several successful start-ups.

Chief Executive Officer

Philip founded the company and leads as CEO. Philip brings deep technical, operations and strategic experience and has been responsible for the delivery of complex energy projects.

Chief Business Officer

Sarmad joined the team as Chief Business Officer and brings a commercial perspective in the financing, managing and operating of large scale infrastructure projects.

Chief Scientist

As Professor of Organic Geo-chemistry (and previously Head of Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering at Imperial College London), Mark brings world-class scientific input. He currently is a science team member for NASA's Mars2020 Perseverance Rover mission .

Chief Scientist

Jason brings start-up experience in sustainable chemical technology as Chief Engineer. He is involved in a number of sustainability focussed start-ups and is Professor of Sustainable Chemical Technology at Imperial College London.

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Technology enabled nature based solution.

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